One must dash is us, two swedish girls in a hurry, sharing the same kind of (odd?) humour and love for interior design.

So, what comes out of one graphic designer and one copywriter wishing to celebrate the quirky moments of everyday life?
Well, in 2010 we started creating interior accessories with a twist, that most certainly will make you smile.
The products range from Art Prints, Cards, Tea Towels, Hanger to Bags.

The attention paid to detail resonates all the way through our production process. One must dash only uses the finest, FSC
certified papers and high quality materials. All the products are made in Britain.


Tata, one must dash
Anki Josefsson & Anneli Sandström

All the Lisas at DesignVintage for lending us props for the photoshoot
THE Lovely Ladies at Abode for doing the same - lending us some beautiful scandinavian items
Not just from Norway but also a phenomenal photographer Visuelle v/Ragnhild Furulund ('A Day in May' and 'For Rest')
The one and only Paul Desmond, illustrator (draw by hand 'Wannabee' and 'Pleased as Punch')
Our fantastic photographer Yeshen Venema
The amazing stylist Emma Dahlman
The gourgeos guys at Live in print (gave the idea to 'Room Service')
Mr and Mrs Teatowel at ToDryFor